ED Visa fee

Course fees & payment options

Group courses:

Option A: 180 hour Thai/English language course = 29,900 Baht for 6 month 

Special offer : Thai/English language course

Pay 180 hour course 2x and get a special promotion price ( save 7 %

Total : 55,900 Baht for 1 year 

Option B: 180 hour Thai/English language course = 10,000 Baht advance payment, additional 6,000 Baht monthly (5x)

Pay 1 year in advance (2 x 6 month) you save 12 % = 10,000 Baht advance payment, additional 5,500 Baht monthly (11x)

Private courses:

Option A: 180 hour Thai/English language course = 119,000 Baht for 6 month 

Option B: 180 hour German language course = 129,900 Baht for 6 month 

An ED-Visa (the visa fee may vary with each embassy) must be extended every 90 days at Pattaya Immigration, at a cost of 1,900 Baht per extension.

You can apply for an ED Visa in your home country:

Should you be in your country of origin you can also apply for an Educational Visa there. We provide you with all necessary information per email or phone. You can easily transfer the course fees to our account in Thailand and we will send you all required documents (per express mail/fixed charge 1,500 Baht) that you need to submit to the Thai consulate or embassy to obtain the visa for 90 days. Obtaining the visa in your home country eliminates the need to travel to a third country from Thailand and allows the student to start a language course upon arrival in Thailand