ED Visa

Educational Visa

No more visa runs necessary!



How do I obtain an Educational Visa and how much does it cost?

1.   You enroll in a 180 hour or 360 hour language course.

2.   We prepare and provide you with the necessary documents from the Ministry of Education for your visa application. The following is what we would require from you:


- a passport copy (the main page with your picture)

- 10 passport photos (180 hour course) 20 passport photos (360 hour course) 

- copy of rental/lease agreement for accommodation in Thailand

- filled out application form (on request)

- deposit or full payment of the course fees


The required documentation will then be processed and submitted to the Ministry of Education, this can take as long as 3-4 weeks. After that you will receive an approval for the ED-Visa. 

3.   You need to travel (once per year) to a neighboring country such as Laos or Hong-Kong and submit these documents for processing at the Thai consulate or embassy. Once processed, you will receive an ED Visa that is stamped only for the first 90 days.

4.   As per Immigration policy in Thailand, some nationalities are required to return to their home countries to submit the ED Visa application.

5.   Upon your return to Thailand, you need to present your ED Visa to Easy ABC. You can then start attending your classes, 4 days per week for the duration of your visa, as required for an ED Visa.

Before expiration of the first 90 days, our school will prepare documents for you to take to the local Immigration Office for a further visa extension of 90 days.

You may take advantage of this course for up to 3 years, at which time you need to apply for a second (different) language course to continue as a student for another 3 years. Altogether, you are eligible to stay for many years, as a student in Thailand.


The costs:

A 180 hour language course costs 29,900 Baht for 6 month.

Additional costs

Costs for an ED-Visa may vary with different embassies. Please contact us for current ED-Visa rates. Every 90-days the visa extension will be processed at the Immigration Department.

Qualifications and requirements:

Every person between the ages of 12-99 is eligible for an ED-Visa and it is granted to every individual who complies with the requirements of attending classes. (exceptions: see below) As keeper of such a visa, you are obliged to take part in the language course. Your attendance is monitored and controlled by both the Immigration Department and the Education Department. Students learn 4 days per week.

With exception of the following countries: Africa, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Israel, Jordanian, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen,  United Arab Emirates, Palestine, South-Korea etc.

Citizens of those countries, we suggest to contact the Thai Embassy/Consulate in your country and inquiry as to whether they will approve an Education Visa if they receive the requiered documents.

You can apply for an ED Visa in your own country:

If you are still residing in your home country you can also apply for an Educational Visa prior to your departure. We provide you with all the necessary information, either by email or phone. You can easily transfer the school fees to our account in Thailand and at which time we will send you all the required documents (per express mail/fixed charge 1,500 Baht) needed for submission at the Thai consulate or embassy in your home country. This eliminates the need to go to a third country from Thailand to process your visa application. This also allows you to start attending class immediately after your arrival in Thailand.

In which language are courses held?

Our school has experienced Thai and English native speaking teachers. Our Thai teachers have the ability to converse in English and can clarify language points in that language, should your mother tongue be English.